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Aelius Technologies is the premium company with its services like: web design tools, software testing, SEO, designing and building websites, E-commerce website, B2B websites, Flash web page design, Game Designing and Scripting, web application development, application integration, web maintenance and support, Ultra Modern Phone technologies. Since the day of its inception, Aelius Technologies impressed the global players of industry to outsource. The services and the strictly observed deadlines have obtained the appreciation of the clients. For Aelius Technologies, the growth cycle revolved anti-clockwise! The team of technocrats and engineers were occupied with the global projects and that’s why the Indian Market and the continental queries were not entertained. The expansion of the team and infrastructure is done in order to attend the continental clients. Aelius Technologies works with two polarities at hand simultaneously: The professionalism and the human values at excellence! That’s the reason the company calls and considers all the team members and the clients its family. The company welcomes you to be the part of this expanding family and technologies!.

Why to be with Aelius?

We, Aelius Technologies, are passionate players of web and phone technologies. We offer our clients and associates the best global services through our ever updated technology and committed efforts.

The Technical Expertise:

We, Aelius Technologies, are fully aware of the advancements of technology of Gen-Now. We keep on learning the new ways of the industry. We believe that the technology is a tool to accomplish the goal and that’s why the technology is second and first is our concern!

The Effectiveness and Result-orientation:

We Aelius Technologies take up any project not only to earn money but also our passion to perform and our concern for the company/individual/organization we work for let us strive for the excellence.

The Team Work:

Our motto is simple- do only that you know the best! We have specialized team of IT experts for every department of web and software projects. We do not work mechanically but pour our love for what we do.

Global Vision:

We have been working on Global Platform and making our presence felt was possible because of our global vision. Internet and the technology are there to be used for all the diverse audiences and the vision to have global world-view and outlook help us to be.


Our technical and project management skills will be served to the global clients creating the global opportunities for both the clients and us. To be the premier player of IT industry with the quality as the identity with the ethical practices at the core.


We Aelius Technologies are committed to deliver the best IT services to our clients. Our services and efforts are for their growth in this competition-driven market. We believe that their growth is our growth!

Aelius Technologies is a leading Software Development and Web Development Company based in India

We have technology oriented Stack Layers with multiple platforms.